Locals Only
Why we did it
We wanted to play Rock and Roll. We couldn’t find a drummer we liked. Took some time off. Got back together and recorded a Christmas tape; 
“Yule Tide One On” 

Decided to produce an album with the equipment we had. A Yamaha 4 track cassette recorder. Overdub after overdub we we toiled until finally we had a tape we could force our friends to buy. Then we opened a record store called Locals Only Cd’s records and tapes to help sell it. Then we got very successful at selling other peoples tapes and CD’s then we opened our second store. Then started a record label. Then that was successful. Then we opened an online Music mail-order and download store (the first one... ever... no seriously with MP3 and quicktime downloads). Nobody understood what it was. Then LocalsOnline.com. Then...  well... the rest of my life. And now....the rest of the story!
A little History 
Keepin Music Local

Dan Sause

Est Aug 3 1989 
Upstairs at 50 SW 2nd 
Portland Oregon USA
Founders:Dan & Stephanie Sause, Arden Thomas
Concept:Only Local Music from the Northwest 
What were we thinking:
if we put a spotlight on the local music scene it would give that music scene more credibility.
The Goal:
 Help create a working business model similar to the Independent Movie Busines.
Top Selling Cd:
Runnin’ in the River: 
First Top Selling Album: Labor: Neros Rome
Best CD: 
Small Potatoes: Lloyd Jones Struggle:
What it was
Nothings Left Untouched

JohnLeonard Rancher


Shock featuring Roger Sause

The Killing Field

The “Hope” Cd is an amazing work. This should have been a world wide hit album.

Steven “Pearly” Hettum

Fisherman’s Ball

Sause and Thomas Music
Mother Warned ME!
Sentimental Handicap
Victim of the Modern World
All the Things